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FAQ for Pion

How many bonPIONs are given to node operators for each phase on ALICE?

As mentioned before, the reward for the first phase of running an ALICE node is given to all operators. But after that period, the amount of the node-drop is based on the number of days that each verified node had a 90% uptime. Here are the details:
Phase of Running on ALICE
Amount of bonPION
Phase 1: Jan 19 to Feb 27
100 bonPIONs (regardless of the uptime)
Phase 2: Feb 28- April 28
Maximum 400 bonPIONs (based on the uptime)
Phase 3: April 29 - October 10
Maximum 100 bonPIONs for every 30 days (based on the uptime)
This means an operator who joined ALICE by Feb 27 and had an uptime through the next phases will get 1,053 bonPIONs.

My ALICE wallet was compromised and I can't use it. Is there a way for me to claim my bonPION on a different wallet?

If you mean you have lost your wallet's private key, there is nothing to do.
But if you mean you were hacked and someone else has access to the assets on your wallet, follow these steps.
On the claiming dashboard, connect a new wallet that you have not used on ALICE. You will see the following page.
Now connect the compromised wallet. Here you can see the address of the new wallet as your staking address. This means your can claim your bonPIONs on the new address.
Now click the "Verify" button and follow the steps explained in the guide.

When I run curl http://localhost:8012/status, I see this error message curl (7) failed connect to localhost:8012 connection refused. What should I do?

Try opening port 9012 and 8012 on your server firewall by running the following commands (one by one):
sudo ufw reset
sudo ufw allow 8012/tcp
sudo ufw allow 9012/tcp
Now run the curl http://localhost:8012/status again and the problem is solved. However, if you still see the error message, contact our support team on Discord/Telegram.

What is the reason you have chosen Ethereum with high gas, not BNB or other chains with lower gas?

The Ethereum network is the most secure blockchain that exists. As MUON itself is not a blockchain, but will eventually secure lots of potential value through its network, staking has to be done on a Layer1; we cannot trust a Layer2 to fulfill our needs in that regard. Also integrations like Eigenlayer for the Optimistic (collateral) network that allows re-staking is planned. So Ethereum is the go-to choice.

Is it necessary to continue holding nodes to receive rewards? Can I earn interest without a node?

You need to keep running a PION node to earn rewards and earning rewards without a node is not possible.

Is it possible to delay the launch of a node, for example, until October 27th?

Yes, but note that you won't get any rewards for the period between 18th - 27th.
30 to 40 days after launch, monitoring of Pion nodes (requirements, uptime, …) and slashing will start. After the launch of node monitoring, servers with low requirements will be rejected by the network.