Distribution Plan

The total (and max) supply of $MUON is 1 billion, and will be distributed as follows:

30% (300,000,000) - Ecosystem Rewards: Set aside for incentivizing node operators and other network activities

9% (90,000,000) - Marketing & Reserve: Funding for information/marketing campaigns/events + reserve token funds

17% (170,000,000) - LP Deposits/Incentives, Market Making & Staking: Used to help incentivize deep liquidity for trading of $MUON across multiple marketplaces (both CEXes & DEXes), as well as staking incentives for holders

6% (60,000,000) - Seed Round: Given to early stage investors who provide the initial project funding

6% (60,000,000) - Partners & Advisors: Token allocations for select early stage project partners and advisors

7% (70,000,000) - Angel Round: Tokens for the community pre-sale, as well as other early investment sales

6% (60,000,000) - SHO (DAO Maker Community Pre-Sale): Supply for launch partner DAO Maker’s community pre-sale SHO (Strong Hands Offering).

19% (190,000,000) - Development, Project & Team: Supply for development, project and Muon team

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