Vesting & Release Schedule

The total supply of $MUON is vested for a period of 4 years (48 months), with regular unlocks for each of the groups.

Here are the details of $MUON vesting and release schedule.

  • 10% of all community investment rounds (Seed + Angel + SHO) will be unlocked at launch; these will be fully unlocked in 27 months. (This will include the community pre-sale.)

  • 44.5M tokens (or 4.45% of the total supply) will be unlocked at launch. This will increase to 74M (7.4%) after 4 weeks.

  • Development & partner tokens will NOT be unlocked until after 1 year, and will take the full 4 years to be fully unlocked.

Although in theory the total supply of $MUON is 1 billion, the ecosystem incentives for node operators will be released over a long period of time (estimated between 4-10 years).

For a more detailed description, see the graph below. Click on the graphic to get a higher resolution.

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