Uniqueness Verification

The Guide on How to Prove One's Uniqueness on ALICE

The Uniqueness Verification Center has been released on ALICE Testnet. As already mentioned, all ALICE node operators are to refer to its dashboard to verify their uniqueness. There are, however, different methods of verification for different node operators. Although some may find that two or three of the methods apply to them, each node operator needs to go through only ONE of these methods.

On the ALICE V2 dashboard, the Uniqueness Verification section is located at the top, showing the verification status as “Not Verified”.

When you click on the “Go to Verification Center” button, you will see the verification dashboard. Here there are separate sections for presale participants, Telegram and Discord active members, and other operators who should go through Gitcoin Passport or the BrightID Meet verification.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you go through the verification process. Click on the section that fits you and follow the instructions.

NB: The verification process for presale participants and active community members is much simpler and shorter than BrightID verification or Gitcoin Passport. So it is strongly recommended that presale participants and active community members use the corresponding verification method and not the BrightID Meet or Gitcoin Passport.

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