BrightID Meet Verification

Proving Uniqueness for ALICE Node Operators Through BrightID Meets

Those node operators who do not belong to the other three categories need to go through a BrightID Meet verification. This verification method has been used by numerous blockchain projects including Gitcoin, RabbitHole,, Utopia42, Unitap and Snapshot.

To get verified through a BrightID Meet, there are three steps:

  • Installing the BrightID app

  • Attending a BrightID connection party

  • Getting Verified on ALICE dashboard

NB: If you are already verified on BrightID Meets, you do not need the first two sections and can start reading from Getting Verified.

Installing BrightID APP

The first step is to refer to Google Play (Android phones) or App Store (IOS) and install the app.

After the downloading and installation of the app ends, click open to enter the app.

When you open it, you will see the following page. Click on "Accept".

After you have accepted the terms of the license agreement, you are forwarded to the following page where you should click "Create My BrightID".

On the next pages, you should enter a name, photo and password. Click submit in every page and enter the necessary information on the next.

Having submitted the password, you are shown a success message.

After a few seconds, you are forwarded to the app's home page.

Now the BrightID app has been installed, set up and ready to use. Click on "Join a BrightID Meet" to continue.

Attending a BrightID Connection Party

Clicking on the "Join a BrightID Meet" button opens the BrightID Connection webpage that shows all available BrightID meets at different times and in different languages.

If you click on the field next to "Times are in", you can see different time zone. You use this to make sure your current time is shown correctly.

And you can change the dates on the bottom right side on the page.

If you scroll down the page, you can see a timetable that shows all available connection parties in different languages.

Choose the one that suits you best.

NB: There are a lot of meets to choose so if you see a date is fully booked and you can't enter, choose a different one.

Enter the party at the exact time and follow the directions given in the party. Having attended the party, you should wait for at least an hour until the Meets badge appears on the BrightID app.

This badge shows that you have been verified on BrightID and should go on to ALICE Uniqueness dashboard.

NB: Do not uninstall the BrightID app from your phone. You will need to use it again for other test verifications as well as verification on the actual Pioneer network.

Getting Verified

On the Uniquness dashboard, click on the “Pass Verification” in the BrightID Meet section and you will see the following pop-up window. Click on “Verify Address” to verify your MetaMask address.

A Message will then appear on your Metamask wallet. Click "Sign" to verify the ownership of your address.

Having signed the message on your MetaMask, click on the "I Have a BrightID Account" button at the bottom of the window.

You are then forwarded to the following page. Click on the link in the first line.

Having clicked it, you are forwarded to the next page where you can see a QR code.

Open the BrightID app, and click on “Scan a Code”. Wait until you see the "Successfully linked" message in the app.

Now you should click on “Verify Link” in the pop-up window and wait for a short while (a few seconds to a few minutes) for the result.

If you have done everything correctly, you will see the following success message.

If you go back to the verification dashboard now, you see that the "BrightID Meet Verification" box has turned green and you are verified.

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