Long-term Economic Utilities of the MUON Token

$MUON forms the Muon network’s backbone and has been designed to incentivize network participants in the most efficient way and maximize network value, with regards to tech development, marketing/community and network incentives.

There are four major utilities for $MUON:

  • Node Operations

  • Network Fees

  • Liquidity

  • Governance

Node Operations

Muon is powered and secured by a network of nodes which sign and verify responses to the requested data. To protect the network against any potential fraudulent activity, these nodes are required to stake a certain amount of $MUON as collateral. When the network becomes public, node operators will be eligible for network rewards in $MUON as incentive for their services in keeping the network secure and decentralized.

Network Fees

The $MUON serves the same purpose as any gas token. Users of Muon network pay a fee that is used to pay node operators in order to incentivize their continued verification of the data on the network.


$MUON will be launched across multiple chains and marketplaces (both CEXes and DEXes). Getting listed on DEXes will provide opportunities for users to supply liquidity with their $MUON, and be rewarded for doing so. 17% of $MUON supply is dedicated to incentivizing liquidity, as well as token staking initiatives. See the Tokenonics section for more details.


Part of the future will be the Muon DAO. This governance structure will see a decentralized initiative towards decision making around the direction of Muon elements. $MUON holders who wish to have greater say in the project will be able to contribute to the DAO.

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