Deployed Applications

Querying Price Using Simple Oracle App

Muon users can actually query prices using the explorer. To do so, click on Simple Oracle in the Apps' box.

Now you can see the following page with two sections: the top section displays the app's details and the other section shows two fields called "ETH-Price" and "Price".

Click on the "Price" field to open it and then press “Set Example”. A new button appears that reads “BTC/USD Price”. Click on it, query the price and wait for a short while to see the full response.

You can now refresh the page and query the price of a different token by inputting its ticker in the top field (instead of btc) and follow the same procedure.

You can also test querying ETH-Price on this page or try running tests on other deployed apps.

Querying Price Using TWAPER App

In addition to the simple oracle app, the TWAPER app can be used to query price. To do so, click on TWAPER in the Apps' box and you will see the following page.

At the bottom, there is a field called "Price" where users can actually test the app.

Click on the "Price" field to open it and then press the “Set Example” button.

Another button appears that reads “INV Token Price”. Having pressed it, a hashed address appears in the field.

The “Details” button tells you which routes are used to get the price.

Click on Query and wait a few seconds for the response which will look like this.

Viewing the App's Code

On the same page, if you click on the “Code” button at the top, you will see the coding for the app.

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