Claiming the Node-Drop

ALICE node operators and MUON holders (private sale and pre-sale participants) are eligible for a node-drop. Here are the guidelines for claiming the node-drop.

  • To claim the node-drop, you should first refer to the Pion's claiming dashboard and click on "Connect Wallet".

  • On the new page choose your wallet and connect to it. This wallet is the staking wallet that node operators used on ALICE/V2 and MUON holders used to purchase MUON.

  • When you have connected your wallet, the following page appears. You can see the details of your role (ALICE operator and/or MUON pre-saler), and the node-drop details. If the data is correct, click on the "Verify" button.

NB. If you used different staking addresses for your ALICE node and/or pre-sale, make sure you add them before you move on to the next step.

  • You will see this message on your wallet. Sign it to verify claiming on the address.

  • Having signed the message, you can see the word "Verified" at the bottom of the top box. The "Claim" button in the bottom box is now active. Click on it.

NB. You can use the "Node-Drop Calculation Detail" link to see the details of your node drop.

  • Having clicked on it, you see a message on your wallet. Sign it.

  • Read the message on the pop-up and click Confirm.

  • Having claimed it, you should "Confirm" the transaction on your wallet. You need to have enough gas for this transaction. When the transaction is confirmed, you see a success message. The "Claim" button has also changed to "Claimed".

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