Monitoring a Node's Status

Registering your Node with Muon Discord's bot to monitor your node's status

To help node operators know the status of their nodes, we have provided a Discord bot. It monitors the nodes on the network and alerts the operators whose nodes are down so that they will attend to the problem. It also informs them when nodes are back online.

After you have run your node and added it to ALICE V2, follow these steps to activate the node status bot:

  • On Muon's Discord channel, find "ALICE V2 Nodes" in the right-hand bar and click on it.

  • In the side window that opens, write a message (like Hi, or GM) and press Enter/Send.

  • The following message appears. Click on /setid.

  • Put in your node's ID and press enter.

NB: You can see your node's ID in ALICE V2 dashboard.

  • When you have set your node's ID, the bot displays your node's details and asks you to verify the info. Click on "Verify".

  • A pop-up window appears, asking permission to open the link to the website. Click the "Visit Site" button.

  • Sign the message on the website to verify you are the owner of the node.

Next, you will see a message on your wallet's interface asking you to sign it.

  • Having signed the message, you will receive a success message on the website.

  • If you return to Discord now, you will see your node has been verified.

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