Muon Network

Muon Ecosystem

Muon ecosystem will eventually be composed of three networks:
  • ALICE Testnet: It is Muon's first public network that is designed to allow developers and users to experiment with new features and capabilities of the project without risk to real funds. Its token, $ALICE, is just a test token and has no market value. This network was launched on January 19, 2023 and has been running since. All the new features are first tested on ALICE. With over 7,000 unique nodes, ALICE has become the largest network of nodes ever.
  • Pioneer Network: It is Muon’s canary network, just as Kusama is to Polkadot. Pioneer is actually the first or early release of the Mainnet. All the features that have been tested on ALICE and upgraded will actually be used in Pioneer. This means apps are deployed and run on it and nodes fetch responses to requests and earn rewards. Its token, $PION, can be traded on the market. All Muon security layers will also be active on Pioneer. This network is scheduled to launch in mid 2023.
  • Muon Network: It is Muon's Mainnet where all muon features and capabilities will be live. Although Pioneer will continue to exist, Muon will have different implementation settings and different use-cases with larger collateral requirements.