Blockchain Gaming

Reliable, Fast Data Feeds for In-game Assets and NFTs

There is a growing number of gamers who focus on blockchain games (also called NFT games or crypto games). In contrast to traditional games, decentralized, play-to-earn blockchain games offer self-sovereignty, that is, players can completely own in-game assets and collectibles as digital NFTs. Such an NFT acts as a “Certificate of Authenticity”; in simple words, it is a cryptographic proof of ownership of a digital asset.

The cores of blockchain games are generally centralized, but their rewarding mechanism is decentralized. The games’ smart contracts that produce and handle in-game assets as NFTs need to communicate with the centralized APIs of the game. But smart contracts cannot directly access APIs and need reliable oracles to query APIs and feed them the data.

Muon provides blockchain games with reliable and fast feeds. A sample game using Muon oracle as source for its data feeds is the Fear Wolf and here is their app developed using Muon.

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