Joining Pion Network

Step-by-Step guide to join Pion network

How to Join Pion

To join Pion network, one needs to go through three stages:

1) Running the Node

A person who wishes to run a Pion node needs to have a server with the recommended requirements.

  • Before installing a Pion node, one needs to install Docker. To do so, you can use Install Docker Engine, where you should first choose your server's operating system, and then follow the installation instructions.

  • If you already have an ALICE node and are migrating to Pion, first stop and remove your old node by running the following commands on your server (one by one):

docker stop muon-node mongo redis
docker rm muon-node mongo redis
  • The first step is to get the Pion docker-compose.yml . To do so, run the following command on your server:

curl -o docker-compose.yml
  • And then you call pull images using this command:

docker compose pull
  • Now the node can be run using the following command.

docker compose up -d
  • Wait for a minute and then run the next command and see the result.

curl http://localhost:8012/status

The result should look like this and means your node is running properly. (It is not added to the network yet.)


You need this address and peerID later when you add the node to the network.

But if you see the message curl (7) failed connect to localhost:8012 connection refused , refer to this FAQ.

2) Acquiring bonPION

  • If you are eligible for the bonPION node-drop, you first need to refer to the Claim the Node-Drop section and follow the steps. Having claimed it, move on to section 3 on this page.

  • If you are a new user, you need to refer to Pion dashboard and click on Buy Pion. Follow the steps through.

To run a tier1 node, you need at least 500 bonPIONs. Having bought that, click on the "Create Bonded Pion" to create your NFT. Then move on to section 3 on this page.

NB: Having created your bonPION, you can boost your NFT to earn higher rewards.

3) Adding the Node to the Network

  • After you have gone through the steps in sections 1 & 2, refer to Pion dashboard. connect your wallet and click on "Set up Node".

  • Your are forwarded to the next page. Click on "Select".

  • A popup opens showing the amount of your bonPION. Click on the popup.

  • On the next page, you can see your NFT info in the left-hand box. In the right-hand one, enter your Node Address and Peer ID (explained in section 1).

  • Having entered Node Address and Peer ID, click on the "Approve" and confirm the message on your wallet. Now the "Add Node" button appears. Click on it and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  • Wait for the success message in the right-hand bottom corner.

  • Having added the node successfully, you will see the following page for a few minutes.

  • When you see the following dashboard, you have successfully joined Pion network.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you have backed up your node as soon as you add it. In case something happens to your server, you can use the backup to restore your node. Not backing up your node may result in financial loss.

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