Muon Network

$Muon Presale Participation

Proving Uniqueness for Muon Presale Participants
If you participated in the $MUON presale, click on “Pass Verification” in the corresponding section and you will see the following page. Connect to the MetaMask address that you used in the presale and click “Verify Address”.
Verifying the Presale Wallet Address
Then a message will appear on your MetaMask that asks you to sign the request from Click “Sign”.
Signing the Address on MtaMask
Having signed the message, you will receive a success message that shows you are verified.
Success Message
If you go back to the verification dashboard now, you see that the Presale Participation box has turned green and you are verified as a presale participant.
NB: If you were not a MUON presale participant or the wallet address does not correspond to the one you used in the presale, you will see the following message.
Not Verified Message
In this case, you can either go back and enter a different address or use another verification method.