Muon Network


Here is a list of Muon's milestones and features in three sections: future milestones, the ones in the making and the ones achieved and live.

Upcoming Milestones

  • Slashing: A set of tools that slash nodes' staked tokens in case of downtime or any malicious activity
  • Collateralized Nodes: Nodes lock collateral to insure the validity of their responses.
    • Collateral Contract: A smart contract locks the collateral per request.
    • Supervisor Nodes: A set of supervisor nodes check the validity of the responses.
    • Disputes: Supervisor nodes place disputes on fraud detection to trigger resolution procedures.
  • Rewards: Nodes are granted rewards in relation to their staked collateral out of request fees.
  • Fees:
    • Fees per request
    • 3rd party service that enables apps to pay the fees instead of the users
    • Dynamic fee calculation

Achieved Milestones

Early 2022

  • Private Network: A private oracle network is implemented.
  • MultiSig Scheme: The network uses the conventional MultiSig scheme for signing and verification of requests.
  • Initial Version of Muon Apps: The network starts to deploy and run Muon apps as hybrid smart contracts developed in JavaScript.
  • EVM-based Chains: Only EVM chains are supported.
  • Threshold Signature Scheme: TSS is implemented as Muon's fundamental security scheme which reduces verification costs compared to Multisig.

Mid 2022

  • Integration with Solana, Cosmos, Tron: Verifying of Muon TSS is possible on EVM, Solana, Cosmos, and Tron.
  • Presale: Community Presale for $MUON is launched
  • Multi-core Processing: The performance of Muon Nodes is improved through multicore-processing.
  • Inheritance: Muon apps can inherit from each other.

Late 2022

  • Shield Server Signature: Apps are enabled to run their shield servers as the second security scheme.
  • Deployment App: An app is added to the network which is used to assign each Muon app a random subnet of nodes.
  • Muon Node Manager: A contract is implemented through which new nodes can stake and join the network.
  • Typescript Version: Muon node is implemented in Typescript to enhance its development.

Early 2023

  • Testnet (ALICE) Launch: ALICE is Muon Network's the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). ALICE is used for testing & experimentation of public node functions at scale without risk to funds.

Mid 2023

  • Expiration Time for TSS: The TSS subnet for each app is updated periodically and the key is reshared as a security measure.
  • Explorer: The explorer to view network status and requests sent to apps.

Future Milestones

  • Canary Network Launch
  • Token Launch
  • Mainnet Launch