Here is a list of Muon's milestones and features in three sections: future milestones, the ones in the making and the ones achieved and live.

Upcoming Milestones

  • Slashing: A set of tools that slash nodes' staked tokens in case of downtime or any malicious activity

  • Collateralized Nodes: Nodes lock collateral to insure the validity of their responses.

    • Collateral Contract: A smart contract locks the collateral per request.

    • Supervisor Nodes: A set of supervisor nodes check the validity of the responses.

    • Disputes: Supervisor nodes place disputes on fraud detection to trigger resolution procedures.

  • Dynamic Fee Circulation

Achieved Milestones

Early 2022

  • Private Network: A private oracle network is implemented.

  • MultiSig Scheme: The network uses the conventional MultiSig scheme for signing and verification of requests.

  • Initial Version of Muon Apps: The network starts to deploy and run Muon apps as hybrid smart contracts developed in JavaScript.

  • EVM-based Chains: Only EVM chains are supported.

  • Threshold Signature Scheme: TSS is implemented as Muon's fundamental security scheme which reduces verification costs compared to Multisig.

Mid 2022

  • Integration with Solana, Cosmos, Tron: Verifying of Muon TSS is possible on EVM, Solana, Cosmos, and Tron.

  • Presale: Community Presale for $MUON is launched

  • Multi-core Processing: The performance of Muon Nodes is improved through multicore-processing.

  • Inheritance: Muon apps can inherit from each other.

Late 2022

  • Shield Server Signature: Apps are enabled to run their shield servers as the second security scheme.

  • Deployment App: An app is added to the network which is used to assign each Muon app a random subnet of nodes.

  • Muon Node Manager: A contract is implemented through which new nodes can stake and join the network.

  • Typescript Version: Muon node is implemented in Typescript to enhance its development.

Early 2023

  • Testnet (ALICE) Launch: ALICE is Muon Network's the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). ALICE is used for testing & experimentation of public node functions at scale without risk to funds.

Mid 2023

  • Expiration Time for TSS: The TSS subnet for each app is updated periodically and the key is reshared as a security measure.

  • Explorer: The explorer to view network status and requests sent to apps.

  • ALICE V2: The upgraded version of the testnet is released. V2 is designed to give experience to users with features from Pion network such as claiming rewards and upgrading the NFts.

Late 2023

  • Launch of Pion Network: Muon's first mainnet and its canary was launched on October 18th.

  • Token Launch ($PION): The first tradable token in the Muon ecosystem was launched on October 18th.

  • Rewards: Nodes are granted rewards in proportion to their staked collateral out of request fees. Currently, it is active on Pion network.

  • Fees:

    • Fees per request

    • 3rd party service that enables apps to pay the fees instead of the users

Future Milestones

  • Launch Muon Network

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