Upgrading bonPION NFTs

The method for enlarging bonPION NFTs to get higher rewards

Boosting (2X)

The amount of the rewards of running nodes on Pion network is in direct relation with the amount of bonPION each operator holds. To enlarge the NFT, the Pion team offers a profitable method called Boosting.

To boost the NFT, a user stakes PION tokens (earned as reward or purchased on the market) and, in return, receive bonPION with a discount. For a limited period, the discount is set at 50% but may change in the future. There is no limit for boosting.

How to Boost an NFT

To Boost your NFT, you can refer to the Pion Network dashboard, connect your wallet and click on the Manage button.

You can also refer to the Pion Node Dashboard and click on Boost.

You are then forwarded to the next page where you see the current bonPION NFT in the first field, and the amount of PION you can stake (called Balance) above the second field.

Enter the amount that you want to stake and click on the Approve button.

You will then see the next message. Click on Approve and sign the transaction on your wallet.

Having approved the transaction on your wallet, you return to the bonPION management page. Click on the Boost Bonded Pion button and sign the message on your wallet.

Having signed the message on your wallet, your bonPION NFT is upgraded. Now you can see the new amount on the dashboard.

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