Competitive Advantage

A New Approach to Launching a Token

In a departure from traditional token launches, the entire supply of PION tokens will be locked at launch. The only liquid supply of PION will come directly from the MUON team, who will be responsible for supplying tokens.

As mention in PION tokenomics, users must run nodes to earn tokens. To do so, a user must acquire PION tokens and lock them as a bonPION NFT which is not liquid. They can do this either by purchasing PION from the market or through the node-drop.

As the entire token supply is locked at launch and the only liquid tokens come from the MUON team, a limited and controlled supply of PION tokens will be available for trading. As a result, the demand for PION tokens is expected to exceed the available supply, increasing the token's value.

Moreover, since users must hold PION tokens to operate nodes, there will be a strong incentive to accumulate and hold the tokens. This should further contribute to positive price action and long-term growth.

With this structure, the PION token launch encourages users to become active participants in the network rather than simply buy and sell tokens for short-term gains. This strategy not only results in a positive price action but fosters a robust and decentralized ecosystem with numerous nodes contributing to the stability and security of the network.

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