Gitcoin Passport

Gitcoin Passport is a verification method that best suits experienced and professional Crypto users. It gives each wallet address a score based on a variety of items. So most of the verification process is done on Gitcoin's website.

NB: The minimum score to be verified on Muon is 15.

In order to get verified using Gitcoin Passport, click on the corresponding section on the dashboard and you will see the following page.

Use the provided address to go to Gitcoin's webpage and follow the instructions on their website. When you have gotten your Gitcoin's password, click on the "Next Step" button to move to the next page.

Here you should select the address you have used on Gitcoin and click "Verify Score". If the address you have entered is not associated with Gitcoin Passport, you will receive an error message. In this case, you should connect to the correct wallet or go back to the dashboard and use another method of verification.

But if the address is correct and you have a score of 15 or higher, you will receive a success message like the following.

If your score is below 15, you will see a message showing you have not passed due to a low score. This means you should go back to the Verification center and use a different method.

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