Muon Network


The Token for the Canary Network
$PION is the token for Pion network - Muon's canary network and its first Mainnet. PION's generation is primarily through rewards given to node-operators. The market for PION is formed this way:
To run a node on Pion network, one needs to stake NFTs made up of bonded PION (bonPION). These NFTs are not liquid and can only be used for running Pion nodes. Neither can they be traded until further notice.
Initially two groups are eligible for running nodes on Pion; that is, they are given node-drops (lockdrops).
  1. 1.
    ALICE Node Operators: Those meeting certain conditions are given the minimum amount of bonded PION (500 dollars worth of bonPION) to run a Tier1 node on Pion.
  2. 2.
    MUON Pre-Salers: This group is given an amount of bonded PION in proportion to their pre-sale amount.
NB. Pre-salers will also earn $MUON when Muon network launches. Their node-drop is an extra bonus they get and will not affect their $MUON allocations.
Responding to requests, these two groups earn rewards in PION and can sell it on the market. Others wishing to join the network should buy PION and stake it as bonPION to be able to run nodes.