Muon Network
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Emission & Distribution Plan

Prior to the official launch, the Pion team will operate POA nodes for approximately a week, generating an estimated 350,000–700,000 $PIONs. These tokens will be made available on a CEX on Day 1, enabling both new and existing users to purchase $PION.
Beyond this, additional $PIONs can only be procured through node operation.
The following illustrates PION's emission and distribution plan for the the bootstrapping phase, that is the first 12 months. Post-bootstrapping emission and distribution will be determined by the Pion DAO & FED elect.

Token Emission

Emission Period
Annual Emission
36,000,000 tokens
Monthly Emission
3,000,000 tokens
Weekly Emission
700,000 tokens

Reward Distribution

For the first 4 months, 67% of the 3,000,000 monthly tokens will be allocated to the node operators in the Threshold (TSS) network and 33% to the POA network.
For months 5 to 12, there will be a 1% monthly reduction in the POA share, which will be reallocated to TSS. At the end of the 12th month, the TSS share will be 75% and POA's share will be 25%.