Emission & Distribution Plan

Token Emission

Prior to Pion's official launch, the Pion team operated POA nodes for approximately a week, generating an estimated 350,000–700,000 $PIONs. These tokens were made available on Day 1, enabling both new and existing users to purchase $PION.

Beyond this, additional $PIONs can only be procured through node operation.

The following table illustrates PION's emission plan for the the bootstrapping phase, that is the first 12 months (divided to two 6-month stages).

Reward Distribution

For the first 4 months, 67% of the 3,000,000 monthly tokens were allocated to the node operators in the Threshold (TSS) network and 33% to the POA network.

For months 5 to 12, there is a 1% monthly reduction in the POA share, which is reallocated to TSS. At the end of the 12th month, the TSS share reaches 75% and POA's share will be 25%.

NB1. As the token emission will be halved at the beginning of the 7th month, the rewards will be halved as well.

NB2. At the end of bootstrapping phase (the 1st day of the 2nd year), token emission will be halved again. Post-bootstrapping emission and distribution will be determined by the Pion DAO & FED elect.

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