Distinctive Features

Muon's Advantages Over Existing Oracles

Muon is creating a decentralized oracle network that enables secure data feeds. Muon oracle network offers three major benefits over existing oracles:

  • Flexible: The Muon oracle network is not restricted to one specific oracle application; projects can develop and deploy their own oracle apps on Muon.

  • Secure: The Muon network is highly secure because wrong data cannot be fed into these services by hacking a few third-party authorities who sign data requests. This is made possible through a security strategy that includes three independent components: Threshold Network, Optimistic Network, and Shield Server. This architecture eliminates the need for an authorized entity and any centralized third party interference.

  • Permissionless: Muon is truly permissionless; adding nodes to the network and running apps on it do not depend on any centralized authority.

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