Multichain Claiming

Sales/ Airdrops on Multiple Blockchains

Muon helps projects run multichain sales/ airdrops by preventing users from double-purchasing/ double-claiming.

Running a token-sale or airdrop on multiple chains allows projects to attract a much larger audience due to the fact that users find it more convenient to be able to purchase or claim their allocations on whichever chain they desire

However, projects that hold sales with quotas or offer airdrops are technically restricted to one single chain because when a wallet claims tokens on one chain, the smart contracts on other chains have no way of getting notified to be able to prevent the potential risk of users/wallets “double-claiming” in airdrops or “double-purchasing” in sales with quotas.

Muon Oracle Network solves this problem: when a user claims tokens on a certain chain, Muon provides the history of interactions the user has already had on other chains. This allows the smart contract on the chain to be assured that the user has not claimed on other chains.

Here is a sample multichain claiming app developed on Muon, which was successfully used in $MUON presale. To learn more about this app, see here.

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