Muon Network

PION POA Network

Access for bonPION Holders with more than 250,000 PION
Detailed information about the PION POA network, including procedural specifics and application form will be released in early 2024.
The PION POA (Proof of Authority) network is slated for a public launch in March 2024.
Access to this network is reserved for bonPION holders with a minimum of 250,000 PIONs/nodepower.
Given the significant role of POA participants—who are anticipated to constitute 33-40% of each subnet—it is imperative that the network remains robust and secure. To this end, POA participants will be subject to an intensified verification process:
Eligibility entails a robust verification process:
  • KYC Procedures: To ensure network integrity.
  • Legal Contracts: Access requires a binding legal agreement to ensure responsibility of POA participants.
  • Direct Team Communication: Continuous liaison with the project team is essential.