Muon Network

Pion Nodes Discord Bot

A Discord bot has been prepared that shows the number of online nodes and if, for any reason, a node is offline, it notifies the operator.
To pair your node with the Pion Node bot (Discord id: PION Nodes#7593) on our Discord, follow these steps.
  • Click on the PION Nodes BOT(Discord id: PION Nodes#7593) found on the right-hand side of this Discord ( on the member's list panel.
  • You will need to send it a DM in the message field below, something like "Hello!" in order to proceed. (Please ensure that you have private messaging enabled in your Discord settings.)
  • Type /setid , and a pop up command prompt will appear. Click on the command prompt and a field will open to input your node id found on your PION dashboard at
  • After your node is set, click/tap on "VERIFY" .
  • You will be directed to the browser to sign your node ownership. Click on "Sign". Your wallet will open and you will need to sign 'Signature Request' in your wallet.
  • After signing you will receive a confirmation (green checkmark) indicating your successfully having achieved your "PION Node Operator" role on Discord.
  • Return to Discord and your node status will be displayed and the PION Nodes Bot will monitor your node status.